Spa and Beauty Salon

1Dorking Spa and Beauty Salon

Dorking Spa and Beauty Salon is a boutique and specialised Day Spa located in corner of the two of the most famous coffee shops in the city.

We believe is that every person deserves to find time for themselves to be indulge, to relax and generally improve their overall wellness, as an escape to the pressures of daily life.

Take time to visit our spa and we guarantee that you can expect to experience the calmness deep within you. Our teams were well-trained to give you the best service that you deserve.

2Featured Treatment of the Month - Sauna

Traditional saunas are designed to have hot air trapped inside a room to create a warm atmosphere where the person would quickly begin to sweat. Their bodies would be releasing much moisture out of their body. Far Infrared radiant heat has the ability to penetrate, refract, radiate and reflect on the body to release toxic materials in organs and under the skin.

3Day Spa Gift Vouchers

If you're thinking of buying a gift voucher, we understand that it's important that you're loved one will have the most amazing experience and that is exactly what we aim to deliver.

Whether you are looking for a gift or present for your wife, girlfriend, partner, best friend, family member, or simply that someone special we have a range of gift ideas to suit every budget and every level of service.


“Thank you guys! After receiving the spa and massage, I felt really energised, alive and positive. The spa treatment makes you feel incredibly relaxed and helped me de-stress my body and mind. I received a wonderful and genuine customer service which made me feel very comfortable before, throughout and after the treatment. Definitely a must be recommended Spa and Salon. ”

-Georgie Wilson

“I just wanted to thank you for a really wonderful day spa experience that I was lucky enough to enjoy on Friday. The staffs are so nice and extremely professional and they looked after me so well. I really appreciated the wonderful and clean surroundings, fluffy towels, refreshments and the people. Most importantly, the treatments were excellent too and delivered in a very respectful manner. ”

-Michelle Lee

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